• Mécanisme de la Physionomie Humaine ou Analyse Électro-Physiologique de l’Expression des Passions. Deuxième Édition accompagnée de 9 planches photographiées représentant 144 figures et d’un frontispiece.
    Paris, J.-B. Baillière et Fils, 1876.
  • Author: DUCHENNE DE BOULOGNE, Guillaume (1806–1875)
  • This pioneer work in physiological psychology was, when first published in 1862, the first medical publication illustrated with photographs from life. In this second edition of 1876 the frontispiece is a mounted albumen photograph with a self-portrait of Duchenne applying electrodes to the face of his patient to demonstrate the physiology of expression. The other nine plates are mounted photographs, each consisting of 16 reduced photos of patients’ faces. Charles Darwin later referred to Duchenne’s work and reproduced several of his photographs in his own Expressions of the Emotions (1872).

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