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  • ΟΦΘΑΛΜΟΔΟΥΛΕΙΑ [Ophthalmodouleia], das ist Augendienst ... -
  • Author: BARTISCH, Georg (c. 1535-1606)
  • Bartisch´s Ophthalmodouleia is the first modern work on eye surgery and one of the finest woodcut illustrated books of the Renaissance. The instructive illustrations, drawn by Bartisch himself, form a comprehensive pictorial record of eye surgery as practiced in the sixteenth century Germany. The majority of the 88 full-page woodcuts show patients with various eye defects and the instruments for curing the diseases and injuries of the eye. These vivid portraits are particularly striking in this hand-coloured copy. All the ladies, gentlemen, and children are depicted fashionably dressed with lace collars, waistcoats, caps, hats, jewellery, and coiffures. Besides being a remarkable Renaissance exhibition of eye diseases the book provides a representative cavalcade of the latest Renaissance fashions.

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