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JOURDAIN, Anselm Louis Bernard Bréchillet (1734–1816)

Traité des maladies et des opérations réellement chirurgicales de la bouche et des parties qui y correspondent; Suivi des notes, d’observations & de consultations intéressantes, tant anciennes que modernes. Tome I-II.
Paris, chez Valleyre l’aîné, 1778.

First edition – Jourdain was a brilliant writer on dental matters and the first to specialize in oral surgery. According to an early biographer Jourdain turned to surgery for philantrophic reasons. After six years of training at the Hõtel Dieu he changed to dentistry and became a student of the multifaceted Louis Fleury Lecluse, and dedicated himself to the study and treatment of oral and maxillary diseases. In 1761 he published a treatise on the diseases of Higmore’s antrum and on fractures and caries on the maxillary bone. After this his book appeared on the formation of teeth. He therein describes with great accuracy the dental follicle from its first appearing to the moment of birth, following it throughout its evolution. But by far the most important of all his works is his treatise on the diseases and surgical operations of the mouth. It was translated into German in 1784 and there were two English editions in America as late as in 1849 and 1851, which proves the importance assigned to Jourdain’s work. The two volumes comprise together over 1250 pages. The first is almost entirely dedicated to the diseases of the maxillary sinus, a favorite object for Jourdain. ”He divides the collections of maxillary sinus into purulent and lymphatic. The purulent are painful and corrode the bone, the lymphatic are not painful and do not corrode the bone, but distend and soften it, producing external tumefaction which yields to pressure, and, on this being diminished, gave out a characteristic sound “une espéce de craquement” which he compared with the cracking of eggshells being broken between the fingers. The second volume deals with the other diseases of the maxillary bones, and describes all forms of inflammation, and cystic and tumourous alterations of the sinuses. It also deals with diseases of the lips, cheeks, salivary ducts, gums, frenum linguae, etc.

Collation: Pp (4), xlviii, 535, (1) errata. With 4 engraved plates numbered I-IV; vol. II: pp (4), 662, (2) errata. With 3 engraved plates numbered I-III.

Binding: Two volumes. Contemporary calf, triple fillet around sides, gilt spine with a fleuron in each compartment, red spine labels. Gilt edges. Marbled endpapers. Front and back covers with the gilt arms of Chevalier Saint-Louis.

Provenance: Chevalier Saint-Louis.

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