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TARIN, Pierre (ca. 1700-1761)

Adversaria anatomica, de omnibus corporis humani partium, tum descriptionibus, cum picturis. Adversaria anatomica prima, de omnibus cerebri, nervorum & organorum functionibus animalibus inserventium, descriptionibus et iconismis.
Parisiis, ex Typis Joannis Francisci Moreau patris, 1750.

This is the only part of the Adversia anatomica ever published – a splendidly printed monograph on the brain and the seat of the nerves by the French physician and anatomist Pierre Tarin, who is remembered by the Tarin’s Valves ”thickenings of the velum medullare posterius joining the vermis of the cerebellum”(Dobson), described in this book. Tarin was also repsonsible for the whole section on anatomy of the "Encyclopédie”. This work is an early specimen of colour printing. The first three plates are in two states, one printed in black, and the other printed by means of two colours, using two plates, red and black. They were designed and engraved by the well-known French artist Jean Robert, a pupil of Christoph Le Blon and printed by Richomme l’Ainé.

Collation: Pp (8), 46, one leaf Approbation. With 15 engraved foldout plates of which plate I-III are in two states, one of which is printed in black and red. Nice printer’s device on title. Printed on thick paper.

Binding: Uncut copy in the original ochre paste-paper boards.

References: Choulant/Frank, p 274; Hirsch, V, pp 518-519; Waller 9486.

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