Hagströmer Lecture 2018!

Global Health in the Anthropocene? History and Planetary Health
Speaker: Professor Warwick Anderson, University of Sydney/Harvard University

It has become clear that the health of human and other animal populations is inextricably linked to the health of the planet. This concept of “Planetary health” is increasingly used in science, philanthropy, schools of public health, and public discourse. But this is not the first time that human disease has been connected to environmental degradation and climatic conditions. This talk will explore the relations of twentieth-century medical geography, disease ecology and planetary thinking to emergent planetary health. In thus mapping the incipient conceptual terrain, we need to reflect not only on histories of planetary health, but also on history in planetary health.

PLACE: Hagströmer Library, Haga Tingshus
Bus 57 (Sveavägen) Bus 515 (Odenplan)
Stop: Haga Södra

Lecture followed by reception
If you wish to attend, please contact us by November 14
Phone: 08 524 860 12

In collaboration with: Friends of the Hagströmer Library and Karolinska Institutet